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Women’s views on men (in literature and elsewhere)

Posted on Sunday, December 16, 2007 in Other

Returning to yaoi – I recently read an interesting article about it – it turns out that Japanese women today – in the home of yaoi – would rather marry a homosexual man than a heterosexual one, if they marry at all or have a relationship. The men expect to be waited on hand and foot, like their fathers or grandfathers earlier.

They say that today’s Japanese men would like to marry the Japanese women of yesterday, and the women want to marry tomorrow’s men. I wish them luck with that, that’s all I can say. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s quite as easy as they think, being married to a gay man, if he even wants to get married, and if so, with a woman.

Apart from marriage and other longterm relationships, I think we’re getting to something new. Women want to consume young, beautiful, submissive males, in the form of actors, singers and characters in books, tv series and movies. At last we might have freed ourselves from the ancient custom of marrying as a sort of career. Today we want more out of life, than merely being supported financially. So far, we’re not dependent on male physical strength to protect us from other men, like we were for so many centuries in the past. Let’s hope that the situation in the world will stabilise so that we won’t need to again.

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