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Posted on Monday, July 7, 2014 in Other

I just have to squee a little about Libib. When Amazon bought Goodreads I started looking around for alternatives (just in case – I’m still on GR, but hanging out more on Booklikes and now Libib). One of the similar book sites I found was Libib. So I imported all my Goodreads books and that was that. I thought, why publish my books? But today I received an email from them, saying they’d added new social network features and I decided to check it out. I also published my books. What a nice looking bookshelf! I don’t know about the social network features though, since I don’t have any friends, but hopefully I’ll find some soon.

Another squee: I was adding two recent books to my Libib book shelf so I needed to know the ISBN number and went to Amazon and checked. They suggested a number of other similar cosy mysteries and I found so many new books I wanted. I had to add them to my wish list. It will be years before I reach the bottom of that list now. 🙂

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