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My list of ‘Bests’ – meme

Posted on Monday, October 7, 2013 in Other

Best tea: lemon tea
Best ice cream: vanilla (best sorbet: strawberry)
Best snacks: nuts
Best chocolate: dark, possibly with nuts and salt
Best food: fresh vegetables, home baked bread, fried potatoes, different types of vegan protein
Best fragrance: citrus, vanilla, apple
Best season: summer
Best new movie: I haven’t seen a new movie lately
Best new tv series: No really new ones lately, looking forward to another season of Forbrydelsen/The Crime
Best new book: The next book in the French historic mystery series about the detective Nicholas Le Floch L’année du volcan (“The year of the volcano”)
Best writer: Me! (haha)
Best taste: tangy
Best garment: grey skirt
Best gift: book
Best longing: moving out of this town

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