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Posted on Saturday, April 7, 2012 in Literature

2. A mystery by Barbara Nadel (set in Turkey, really interesting)
4. Probably that I like to keep reading all night if necessary to see how the book ends.
6. Not yet, but I want a Kindle Touch. Have tried the Kindle (3), iPad (didn’t like it very much), iPod Touch and iPhone (the latter are alright, but I’d like something bigger).
7. One at a time now, since for various reasons I can’t enough books anymore. As a kid, I used to read at least two, usually three or more.
8. No. Except for posting reviews.
11. As seldom as possible.
13. No, and not in a car either. On a train though.
14. My bed.
15. I don’t do it, after getting a paperback back from a relative in a dreadful state (‘because it’s a paperback, and that’s what you do with paperbacks’ – clearly other people’s paperbacks too).
16. I did as a child, I’m sorry to say, but never anymore.
17. Not in fiction.
18. Yes, if I have to.
19. Swedish (though I enjoy English and French too)
20. Many different things. I have certain favorite elements and if they’re present, slightly less brilliant writing will do, otherwise I do like a well written book with great characters and a really exciting and absorbing plot.
22. It’s a tie between fantasy and mysteries, then non-fiction (history, language history…)
23. Non-fiction.
31. I usually don’t write really negative reviews – if I hate a book, I just ignore it.
32. I can read in at least two foreign languages – English and French – but would be able to manage a few more. I’d love to be better at French.
36. Two. Now we’re talking e-books, because I prefer that when it comes to library books. More convenient. If I read a physical library book, I like to do it at the library, not at home.
41. Probably during my college studies – when I say reading I mean reading for fun, not studying, obviously. I could only read for fun during the vacations, more or less.
42. Too many. If something horrible happens to an animal, child or simply something horrible happens to someone, I give up. I don’t want to continue reading something like that. Also, if the book turns out to be a disappointment in other ways.
43. Someone talking within earshot.
48. See above, question 42.
49. Yes, but for reasons I’m not going to go into here, I can’t do that anymore, but I’m looking forward to being able to again, when I move.
50. I keep all the books I love or like, but get rid of the ones I hate.
51. Several very popular books from the last five years or so (won’t name them, in case I offend someone).
55. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum ‘mysteries’.

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