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Dogs refuse to play ball if they have been treated unfairly

Posted on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 in Animals

This article describes a series of experiments. The experiments show that dogs, just like humans and primates, have a sense of justice and will react to being treated unfairly. Of course, this is no surprise to me. We’ve had dogs in my family since I was five years old and they definitely seem to be envious of each other and demand justice in their own ways.

The other day I read that another scientist claims cats don’t ‘care’ about their people. I wonder on what she bases that assumption. We’ve had cats since I was nineteen, several of them, and most of them definitely seem to care, but there are some who seem to care less. If no cats really care, and only put on shows to con us into believing they do, why bother, if other cats get fed and sheltered and taken to the vet if necessary, without faking affection? I think that would be overestimating their acting talent a bit.

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