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What’s your type?

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 in Other

I just read this rather interesting article. Apparently, we humans tend to look for a partner who is like ourselves. I suppose that makes sense in a way, though I know that sometimes ‘opposites attract’.

The article also lists four main personality types:

The Explorer, ruled by high dopamine levels, is a risk-taker, seeks adventure and novelty, and is curious.
The Builder has high serotonin activity and is calm, likes schedules and roles, and is conventional.
The Director is influenced by testosterone and is focused, analytical, and logical.
The Negotiator has high estrogen activity, sees the big picture, and is compassionate, altruistic, and imaginative.

Now, two of these types are definitely not for me, The Explorer and the Director. *Shudder*.

I think my (maternal) grandparents was a Builder and that was very practical to have around the house, so if I’d had a brother (or a sister) like that, that would be great. But a boyfriend? Not really. Not unless I could have two. LOL.

No, my very favorite personality type is the Negotiator. Not surprisingly both my parents and my sister and I fall into this category. So naturally, I’d like to have a boyfriend who’s also a Negotiator. Though I’d kind of like him not to have too high levels of estrogen. 🙂

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