Train Bonus

Rating: M
Warning: m/m
Description: A girl and her boyfriend meet a hot guy on the train and it turns out going on the last train has a bonus for them.


My boyfriend and I got on the last local train back home. It was around nine in the evening and we seemed to be the only ones on the train. There was only one wagon so It was easy to see that it was empty, except for us. Not long after we’d scanned our cards and sat down, a young good looking ticket collector came around.

In fact, he was really hot but not only that, he looked like a good guy too. Very friendly and helpful as most of these guys seem to be. The women too, in all fairness, but for some reason I tend not to really pay attention to them, especially their looks. So sue me.

To my surprise, the guy sat down and started chatting with us. That was friendly. I mean, just doing his job with a smile on his face, is pretty much all you can expect, right? But this guy took it a step further. I smiled and chatted too, and so did my boyfriend.

After a while, I became aware of feeling a little attracted to that guy. Usually, when that happens, I just ignore it and I soon forget about it. I’m so happy with my guy, I never miss anything, you know? He’s a great guy, really cute and we get along great too. Nothing at all to complain about, nothing missing. We’ve only been together for about two years, so maybe we’ll end up getting bored with each other in the future, no matter how hard it is to imagine right now, but I doubt it.

Anyway, I suddenly realized that the train guy was looking at me like he too, was feeling the attraction. Oops. I glanced apologetically at my boyfriend, to let him know that this wasn’t intentional and that I didn’t intend to do anything about it. To my surprise, he seemed to be smiling suggestively, like he too, liked the situation. I frowned a little. Was he actually suggesting I go ahead and – ahem – get something going with the train guy? I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. It wasn’t something we’d ever done before or even discussed. Sure, I’d always had this fantasy about having more than one guy, but – I never thought I’d actually live it out. Like I said, I’m totally, 100 % happy with my guy and never look for anything outside our relationship and this may seem naive of me, but I don’t think he’s looking either.

I also know for a fact that he’s completely straight. Not that I’m one of those old-fashioned girls who can’t stand a few percent in a guy. Quite the opposite, in fact. If I found out I’d find that interesting. Appealing. Suggestive.

Since it seemed my boyfriend was ok with it, I decided to have a go. I smiled more intently at the train guy and he returned the smile just as intently. So far so good. He moved to the seat next to us – this was one of those wagons with sets of three seats in a row. That made him end up next to my guy, not me, since I was by the window.

I kind of liked that. It made me feel cool about the whole thing. With the other guy right next to me, I’d probably feel a little overwhelmed. I’m a bit shy actually and getting to know someone like this seemed a little – too exciting. So I just smiled and leaned on my guy, to get a little closer. He put his arm around me, but other than that, we did nothing, just waited to see how this would play out.

Our trip would last almost an hour and we’d only been on our way for about fifteen minutes or so. We still had time. And our station was the last on the line. If no one else got on – and it seemed unlikely this late, we’d have the train to ourselves. As long as the driver didn’t come to check things out and he or she would just need to keep driving so there was no risk of that.

To my surprise, the train guy leaned over and kissed my guy on the cheek. It seems it took my guy by surprise too, but he returned the kiss, just as cautiously. Then the train guy reached over and touched me just a little. It felt good. Promising. Now the train guy moved over and more or less sat leaning across my guy. They took turns kissing me and then each other – real kisses now – then me again. It really turned me on. Seeing my guy like that. Very hot.

From there things progressed rather quickly. Me, being the shy one, kept all my clothes on, but let the guys touch me under my top. All above the waistline, right? No need to go overboard with a stranger. Time enough for more when me and my guy got home. They were a bit less shy. The train guy’s uniform jacket and shirt were now open and so was my guy’s shirt. They touched each other there too, but again, not below the waistline. Fair enough. I felt comfortable with that.

Then they began to rub each other’s crotches. My guy knows I’m not too happy about being touched too intimately in public so he kept his hands where I preferred them and the other guy took his cue from that. It was quite stimulating enough even without those too intimate touches. I was amazed that my guy would go that far. He’s completely straight, remember?

They still didn’t forget me and I was treated to long lingering kisses and rather skillful touches too, so I had nothing to complain of. In the end, they just got beyond a certain point and with two long, deep sighs, the show was over. I remained sitting there, drinking them in with my eyes. They closed the show with a really hot kiss, then let go and pulled apart. The train guy hastily rearranged his clothing and so did my guy. I looked down at my top and did some rearranging myself. Soon anyone who walked in would find nothing out of the ordinary. Only the three of us knew it had happened. I still felt flustered and content at the same time. Wow. I couldn’t wait until me and my guy got back home and could – talk about it in private.

The train guy got up, looking a bit regretful, then made a little sketch of a salute and smiled crookedly, then walked away. Too bad. I’d have liked to see him again some time. Of course my guy and I take this train quite a lot. Maybe we’ll get lucky again some time.


© Tonica