The Darkening Day

Rating: M Warning: m/m, violence, adult themes Description: A girl meets a guy, who happens to be beggar. They get along fine, but the guy’s situation is more desperate than she can imagine. One day, he ends up in big trouble. —— The first time they met was outside the supermarket. She had come to more »

Train Bonus

Rating: M Warning: m/m Description: A girl and her boyfriend meet a hot guy on the train and it turns out going on the last train has a bonus for them. __________ My boyfriend and I got on the last local train back home. It was around nine in the evening and we seemed to more »

Never Say Goodbye

Primary Characters: Vince Teague, Dave Teague Rating: M Spoilers: not really Warning: m/m sex Description: It’s 1983. Vince and Dave go out, hoping to pick up some female companions, but as usual return home alone. Naturally, they’re disappointed, but they still have each other. While Vince was getting ready to go out, he left the more »

When He Wants To Forget

Primary Characters: Henrik Sabroe, Saga Norén Rating: M Spoilers: Season 3 Warning: m/m sex, adult themes Description: It’s one of those nights when Henrik needs to forget. But everything doesn’t go completely according to plan. Sometimes, Saga just doesn’t understand. While Saga was being investigated for the murder of her mother and she was helping more »

Silent Screams

Primary Characters: Sara Lund, Jens Peter Raben, Colonel Jarnvig Rating: M Spoilers: Season 2 Warning: serious topics Description: Jens Peter Raben’s condition is deteriorating, after Strange/Perk claimed he had been the one to kill the little girl in Afghanistan. The Colonel, who is also Raben’s ex-father-in-law is concerned and asks Sara Lund to find out more »

A Hundred Years From Now

Primary Characters: Thomas Buch, Erling Krabbe, Karina Munk Jörgensen Rating: M Spoilers: Some, season 2 Warning: m/m sex Description: About the difficulties of falling in love across one’s respective party lines. He remembered exactly when it had happened, even if he hadn’t been aware of it at the time. It was when Thomas Buch had more »

Before It’s Too Late

Primary Characters: Peter Boyd, Grace Foley, Stella Goodman Rating: M Spoilers: Some Warning: adult themes Description: Boyd and Grace and the rest of team continue supporting the police investigating the serial abductor and killer. Grace ends up in the hospital which makes Boyd react rather surprisingly. While Boyd took his son home from the hospital more »

Up From the Ashes

Primary Characters: Grace Foley, Stella Goodman, Peter Boyd Rating: M Spoilers: Some Warning: m/m sex, non-con, prostitution, drug use, adult themes Description: There’s new information connected to Boyd’s dead son, Luke and the team has more to investigate, including some really surprising news. The phone rang and since no one else seemed to be available more »