One step down

I read about the new report about the climate change. Not pleasant reading. Worst of all was that it still isn’t possible to get the big, rich countries to join the efforts to stop the change before it’s too late to save our world.

They still only care about making more and more money. Like a wise old Indian chief once said: you can’t eat money. Besides, do those big shots think they can take their riches with them when they die?

Even now, it’s pretty bad in the poorer countries. Take Jakarta for instance. That’s just one example. In the summers, there are forest fires – thick layers of smoke covering most of Asia and South America. It can even lead to an acceleration of the global warming.

Floods, landslides, droughts… When you hardly have anything even from the start, how will you manage when something like that happens?

This reminds of an image I’ve seen in one of my history books (I’ve studied history at the university and I’m really interested in the subject). The image is from the great depression – the late 1920’s or the early 1930’s.

Three men are standing on a ladder in a flooded basement – at least that’s the way it looks. On top of the ladder an upper class man is standing, a bit further down, there’s a middle class man and at the bottom a working class man. You notice they’re all men. In those days, women didn’t even count.

The upper class man says: Let’s all take a step down. Presumably he feels they can overcome the economic crisis that way. But – the working class man only has his head just above the water. What will happen if all three of them take a step down?

Let’s say that the upper class man is the richest countries of the world, and the working class man is the poor countries. If so, it’s exactly the way things are today. The upper class man thinks it will be great to get a little more sun. The working class man is already dying of heatstroke, drowning or is about to be crushed by a landslide.

Besides, if we – the middle class man – the medium rich countries – end up a step down on the ladder, won’t we be in the working class man’s situation? Head just above the water?

We do not want things to end up that way!!! It might be too late to stop the changes, but we can at least slow it down. If we’re going to make it in time, now is the time to start. Today. Think about that as you’re parking your second car in the garage.


I love knitting. My only problem is I don’t love the stuff I knit as much as I love making them. Maybe I’ll find a solution soon. In any case, I don’t want to stop. It’s so much fun. Strange, really, because I’m not very practical when it comes to other things.

I think I knitted for the first time when I was ten. Someone, I think it was mom, taught me some years before that, but I was ten when I actually made something. It was a sweater. I’m not sure if it’s still around, but I do know I got compliments from unexpected sources… Like a guy in my class. Of course, he was probably a little partial to me as I was to him.

This is it, I've had enough…

This is the beginning of the end. When WebRing charges for membership, or limit the number of rings you can manage or be a member of, it’s time to say bye, bye. I was a member of 80 rings (yes, it’s true) and I still only had a few hits per day. Five rings? Forget it. Pay? Why? I’m only getting a few hits per day, remember, and besides, my site isn’t commercial. Bye, bye WebRing.

Of course, this is just the beginning. The free internet will soon be history. Soon we’ll have to pay to look at any home page.

Imagine this:

You’re going into town for some window shopping. As soon as you hit the road outside your home a gate is barring your way. You have to pay to drive on the road. (Naturally, you also have to pay for your home and all the costs connected with the running of a household). After a while you’re approaching the city center, the commercial part of town. New gate, new fee. You still haven’t seen any store and you’re far from a decision on whether you’re going to make a purchase or not. Next step is the little fee to enter the store.

All this before you’ve made up your mind to shop or not. Buy, yes. That will cost you, and that’s not a problem as far as I’m concerned. But what about the rest? What’s next? Pay to breathe? Open your eyes? Have a beating heart?

I know there’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. Ok, what’s free? Hardware? Are you kidding? Software? Internet connection? Where’s your free lunch? Now we also have to pay for mail addresses, webrings and so and so forth ad nauseam.

What happened to the free, fun internet? The playful, creative internet? Oh, right, it vanished along with ‘the customer’s always right’.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, it’s getting to be time for me to leave. I’m not even going to start on all the spying. That’s enough of a topic for a new post.

Vegan President

The president of Slovenia, Janez Drnovsek, is a vegan! Finally, there’s a politician on a higher level, who just might yield a little power, who is one of the good guys. The president hasn’t just promoted animal rights in his own country, but also in the European Union. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed he’s successful.

Make Love, not War – or…?

I read an article about the Bonobo chimpanzees. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a subspecies of chimpanzee. In any case, they’re a species of primates – apes. Their society, if you’ll allow the expression, is based on sex. They don’t have a lot of aggression and hostilities among them. That’s not what I have a problem with.

Actually, I also read a column in one of Sweden’s major newspapers, strangely enough a conservative one, and the guy was raving about how gay penguins and Bonobos shattered the world view of some extreme right wing conservatives. Again, I don’t a have problem with that. Let the narrow minds expand, painful or not.

No, what I don’t like about the Bonobo society, is something else I read in that article. It was more or less verbatim like this: “The price the females have to pay for not having ‘wars’ is to be constantly available for sex”. In other words, they’re required to constantly provide sex – for the males, presumably. Is that a way to run a society? Since some people put forward the Bonobos as some kind of positive example to us, homo sapiens, should we follow their example? Do we placate the ‘beast’ (don’t take this literally, guys, I love you, it’s just a figure of speech) by putting out? Come on, that’s depressing.

The article about the gay penguins etc, also mentioned how males in a certain species of river dolphins (I hope I didn’t get that wrong – I’m not really good at science) like to mate with each other using their blowholes. (Ouch! If that’s true, how do they keep from drowning?) So maybe the column writer got that wrong too. But he also mentioned that they sometimes have sex with sharks and giant turtles. I mean, please. Again, the writer of that column seemed to think that this was something positive. Should we accept people having sex with animals too? Or is that only ok for animals? Come to think of it, maybe it is, between animal species, as long as both species are perfectly in agreement. Which is so NOT the case when so called humans have sex with so called animals. But anyway, do we want our society to be like that? I think not.

Again, the other day I read an article about human homosexuality. Very interesting reading. The scientists had studied twins – identical, I assume, though I don’t think the article specified that. Some of them had different sexual orientations even though they were in other ways practically identical. There was a lot more in the article but what caught my attention was this: gay males and straight males are different, but not when it comes to sex. Now what does that mean? I took it to mean that while they have different interests, hobbies, hairstyles, fashion sense etc, they act very alike when it comes to pursuing a partner. The only difference is that the gay males were more successful in realizing their goals. Because, presumably, other males share their eagerness to have sex.

Bearing in mind all these articles I read, something struck me. Let’s all be more tolerant of homosexuality and bisexuality as long as all participants (two or more) are in agreement. Consenting adults and all that. And shouldn’t we be even more tolerant of male homosexuality or bisexuality? Why? Because, while I’m not saying that we females don’t like sex, it’s usually men who want more of it, and more often than most females. Or in any case in a different way (more focused on sex, less on relationships). So couldn’t our society learn to be more accepting of casual sex between guys, who later in life find a female partner and start a family? That would spare us females the necessity of ‘putting out’ or being forced to accept violence, aggression and wars. Because if you think about it, that sounds a lot like blackmail.


It turns out some men (and a few women) aren’t too happy about the name feminism. One reason might be that it seems to be concerned with equality for women ‘only’. Another reason is that feminism as an ideology is quite old. In the 21 century we might need a new ‘ism’. How about equalism? It could include more ‘equality’ than the one between women and men. Equalism could also include all ethnic groups and non-human species as well.

All this can’t hide the fact that in many countries worldwide we might need some old-fashioned feminism to support the women who are being oppressed in the name of all kinds of old excuses.

Veganism and Feminism

If ‘vegan’ is supposed to be pronounced vee-gun, then I guess you guys were ovo-lacto vee-gee-tarians before you took the plunge. No? Then why not pronounce vegan ‘vey-gan’?

Another thing that constantly amazes me is why meat eaters feel so defensive. If they know they’re right, why be so uptight about it? Unfortunately, there are also veggies and animal rights activists who pick on their own, because they don’t live up to the high ideals of some idealists. If we don’t stick together no wonder the other side is still in power.

And why do people need to choose? It’s always either the politics or animal rights, feminism or animal rights, anti-racism or whatever else you’re involved in. Why not support all the causes you want?

Just because we don’t want to be discriminated against as women, doesn’t mean we can ignore the situation of other living creatures. On the other hand, some socialists (men) feel that once the socialist society is here, everything will be fine for women too. Just when will the socialist society be here? And anyway, looking at the Soviet Union… guess what? women were not fine.

Kisses and Music

Most people in Sweden probably saw the finals in the Swedish qualifying contests before the big Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Kiev, in May 2005. Even I, who don’t really like schlager music, watched. And like many others, I’m crazy about Martin Stenmarck, the guy who won. Everyone who watched, also saw straight Martin kiss gay celebrity Mark Levengood on the mouth. Ok, it didn’t look particularly sexy, and if Martin had such a bad cold, as the evening papers have implied, it might not have been particularly nice, but still. Later on, apparently, Martin also kissed music producer Bert Karlsson, and surprise, surprise, Bert Karlsson, who doesn’t normally like Martin a whole lot, actually looked quite happy about it. Everyone seems to love Martin.

But all this made me think of something. In music videos or on opening nights, you often see straight female celebrities kiss each other, on the mouth. Why? Because it sells papers, that’s why. Men enjoy watching women kiss each other, especially straight women. There’s cause for speculation over why that is, but I’m no psychologist, so I’m not going to try to explain this phenomenon.

Instead, I’d like to ask why it’s so rare that guys do the same thing. Martin was so happy about winning that he probably didn’t have time to consider the fact that the kiss pictures will get him and the song writers attention and attention usually means money. Otherwise, you might speculate over why it’s considered positive media exposure when a female singer or actor “turns gay” for a while, but it’s the other way around with guys.

Is it because the executives of media companies everywhere are predominantly men? I think so. Just look at what happens when gay celebrities like the guys in Alcazar and the singer Mathias Holmgren, formerly of the band Barbados, appear on tv. Everyone, including the guys themselves, are extremely wary of them acting in any way – gay – or maybe feminine. Why? It can’t come as any surprise to the viewers that these guys are homosexuals. If they’ve read the evening papers or the gossip magazines, they know already. Does seeing two guys sing a love song together make people feel sick? Today? In the 21 century? Come on.

Where am I going with this? Simply this: if girls are going to kiss each other, why can’t guys? Quite a few women actually like seeing two hot guys kiss each other, for instance in a music video. In any case, why does there have to be such a big difference?

So, Martin, and all you guys out there, keep on kissing each other. And while you’re at it, try hugging each other too. Then maybe we’ll get a more loving and open society, and if not, then at least we girls out here will get something pretty to look at.