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All is Never Lost

Primary Characters: The Ninth Doctor
Rating: K+
Description: A girl meets a Doctor.

Normally, I would never talk to strangers. It was just that that day, I was feeling especially down. Everything was so – It took me a while to realize that the man was talking to me. He looked kind, so I didn’t want to be rude and I found myself answering his question. How I was doing. Before I had time to reply, he broke off and added as an afterthought:

“I’m the Doctor.”

For some reason, it never ocurred to me to doubt him. If he was a doctor, then maybe that was why he was taking an interest. Of course, with my usual luck, he could be some homicidal maniac. But no. He just looked so kind. So I told him.

“My name is Cassandra. Can you take me someplace where no animals are ever harmed by others? A planet full of trees and other plants. A peaceful place. If there are people there, humanoids or other sentient beings, they’re kind. Gentle. Good. Is there such a place?

You see, lately, I’ve been so sad. I’ve felt that everyone in the world is cruel and selfish and no one cares if they hurt others. It’s made me feel it’s all hopeless. But if there’s a place like the one I described, then maybe, just maybe all is not lost.”

The Doctor nodded pensively.

“Listen, carefully, Cassandra. All is never lost. There’s always a teeny weeny sliver of hope. Believe me, I know. So, somewhere peaceful and good. I know of a few places like that. Yes. Seentra. It should be just the place for you. Come on, come on. What are you waiting for? Did I mention that this is a TARDIS? It travels in space and time.”

“But -”

“No buts.”


The Doctor took my hand and pulled me into the TARDIS, that looked rather like a phone booth. A blue one. It said Police on it, but we’ve never had any of those here so I didn’t recognize it. The door shut behind me and once I got inside I was struck dumb. There was so much – so much – The Doctor smiled kindly at me and began to do things to a sort of control panel. Then there was a signal of some kind and everything went wobbly for a while.

“Grab something and hold on to it. Here we go.”

After that, things were never the same.


© Camilla


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