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This is mostly a fan fiction archive. There are also some original stories. Fan fiction is fiction based on other people’s characters. To put it briefly, we don’t make any money out of this, it’s all just for fun. We don’t own the characters and don’t claim any such ownership. No infringement of anyone’s rights is implied.

Tonica and Melantha, the two archivists behind this archive used to display their work on other sites (The Fandom House, Agri Sublunares and Tonica’s World) and to some extent we still do. I (Tonica) have posted stories on Archive of Our Own, and a few other public online fan fiction archives.

There is also a Swedish version of this site. Umrionarkiven. All fanfics based on Nordic/Scandinavian fandoms are in Swedish on that site.

If you want to follow my (Tonica’s) blog posts and see a few more of my original stories, please visit my other homepage:Booketry
Disclaimer and warnings:

The stories and pictures on this site are based on, and use characters/settings and occasionally images to which we do not own the copyright. No infringement of anyone’s rights is intended. In case you’re wondering, we make no profit whatsoever from this site. Quite the opposite.

This site is mainly rated PG-13, or according to the FictionRatings system – T. That means you have to be 13 to look at most of the pages. Some stories and some of the fan art might be rated R or even NC-17 (MA). You will encounter same sex pairings, het adult pairings, sex, violence, strong language and other ‘adult’ themes. If this offends you, or if you’re under the legal age for viewing this type of material please look for a site with a more general content.

We have created our own ratings system, too. It’s very simple. Look for the colors green, yellow or red. Green is the same as G/K and yellow PG-13/T. Red, finally, means NC-17/MA. In this case, it means you have to be 18 or 21, depending on the laws where you live. Check out the Ratings page, for more information.

By clicking to enter this site, you are accepting our ratings, which means your age is in accordance with the ratings. If you’re not, we can’t be held responsible.

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